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Child support issues can be tricky to navigate emotionally, financially, and legally. Meanwhile, your children need your attention focused on them, rather than on the red tape of the courts.

You need a lawyer who puts the best interests of you and your children first as you wade through the child support process. While Michigan has a legal formula for deciding the amount of child support the custodial parent receives, this is not always ideal and the judge can overturn the formula’s results.

In cases like these, your Michigan Premier Law, P.C. has the expertise to highlight the factors that can help the judge to make an equitable decision for you and your children.

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At Michigan Premier Law, P.C., we’re here to give you legal advice and represent your interests. Whether you are just starting to wade through the divorce process, or if you need a change in existing custody arrangements, we can help you every step of the way.

We also specialize in helping you and your children recoup missing payments from established child support orders.

Our Family Law practice areas include marital property division, parenting time, high-asset divorces, combined issues of child and spousal support, child custody, and change of domicile. These issues often impact each other: That’s why we’re especially qualified to help you.

Child Support Case Issues

We frequently encounter the following issues in child support cases:

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Child support arrangements can alter the course of your life. Due to the seriousness of this situation, it’s imperative that you know your rights and make quick, decisive steps in order to obtain the best possible outcome for your financial health and your children’s well-being.

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