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Dealing with child support issues can be incredibly stressful, and in Michigan, the complexities of divorce laws make it impossible to navigate alone. At Michigan Premier Law, P.C. our attorneys have extensive experience in family law and child support issues and are a great resource for you to bring your case to a speedy and fair resolution.

Even in an amicable divorce, disputes over child support are common. The circumstances of each parent can change dramatically in a short amount of time, especially if one remarries or loses their job. When your financial peace of mind is on the line, getting help from a lawyer familiar with Michigan family law is the best way to move forward.

Parents’ Rights

Providing for a child is never just about money, but financial hardships can have a major impact on a child’s life. Michigan law provides a clear formula for determining child support, and as long as the child is living with the custodial parent, that child support may be owed until the child is age 19½.

There are some cases where a judge may have some discretion in applying the formula to decide how much child support can be ordered, especially if the non-custodial parent is facing significant hardships. In those cases, it’s especially important to have a lawyer to clearly present the facts of the case and advocate for justice.

How Much Money is Owed?

The amount of money that is owed can vary based on a number of factors, including:

In some cases, disputes may arise over how much money has already been paid. To clear things up, it’s critical to get your case into the hands of a capable attorney who can sort through the legal issues as soon as possible.

Getting the Best Legal Team

A law office that focuses on family law issues is your best bet for getting the resolution you’re seeking. Other practice areas aren’t as applicable to the nuanced nature of child support law.

At Michigan Premier Law, P.C., we have a successful track record in child support cases in Commerce Township and the surrounding area, and can give you the aggressive legal representation you deserve. We offer a wide range of legal services and can help you navigate a wide range of divorce and family law issues. Call our office for a free consultation at (248)-688-0045.

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