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When a family in Farmington Hills goes through a divorce or legal separation it is vital to consider the needs of the children. Children need support both emotionally and financially from each parent. A child-focussed financial support agreement between each party is an equitable and amiable means to ensure the well-being of your children during this difficult family transition.

At Michigan Premier Law, P.C. our skilled and experienced child support lawyers can help you to sort through any legal issues and offer sound legal advice to support your family during this time.

Understanding Child Support

Even in amicable situations divorce can cause tension in families that can lead to a child custody dispute or child support order. While both parents can come to an agreement outside of court, the judge may deem it unfair toward one party and refuse to sign off on it.

To navigate the complex Michigan divorce laws and come to an appropriate agreement, you need the assistance of an experienced family law attorney at our law firm who can help you to understand the wide range of factors that impact child support in this state. Some of these factors include:

Child support is intended to offset the costs of raising a child and your child support agreement needs to reflect that in favor of the custodial parent.

Hire Michigan Lawyers for Child Support Assistance

Your family and your divorce situation is unique which means that no two child support cases are the same. The huge number of variables in a child support case can complicate an already difficult situation for your family. Hiring a family law attorney to help you come to a fair legal agreement means less time spent battling in court and more parenting time spent with your children.

Michigan Premier Law, P.C. has an excellent track record of superior legal representation for families going through divorce. We understand that raising children isn’t cheap and believe that no matter the reason for divorce the child should always come first.
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