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Divorce and child support matters are difficult for all families, regardless of factors like age or income. Disputes over money owed are common, and sometimes, these disputes end without justice being done for the affected party.

Whether you’re a custodial parent or a non-custodial parent being asked to pay child support, don’t let child support issues take away your financial peace of mind. An experienced child support attorney can provide the legal services you need to restore your family’s future.

Child Support Disputes

Although disagreements over child support can stem from a variety of causes, the most common sources include:

Michigan law has a formula for determining how much money is owed in child support. While the initial amount owed is often determined at the time of divorce, this amount can be adjusted later.

If an individual parent’s situation changes, they or the other parent may apply for a change in child support payments. This requires the parent to complete forms presenting detailed evidence and legal rationale to support their case. An experienced lawyer can help you navigate these forms and make sure you present all the evidence you need to win.

Judges’ Discretion

Judges have minimal discretion in child support decisions, due to the rules set by state law. However, they do have some ability to adjust amounts if there are mitigating circumstances.

A lawyer in Michigan who specializes in family law and child support issues can articulate your case to the judge and make sure your case is handled fairly. Other practice areas, like personal injury and criminal defense, don’t have the experience and knowledge necessary to bring a child support case to its best possible conclusion.

Getting Legal Help

In order for justice to be done, the needs of the child must be fairly weighed with the financial realities of each parent. If your ability to support yourself or your child has been jeopardized, you need expert legal help as soon as possible.

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