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During a divorce or legal separation in Warren, Michigan it is essential to consider the welfare of the children involved. Even civilized separations can be challenging for both children and parents, and it is important that the rights of your children are protected and their needs supported during this difficult time. A Child Support Agreement ensures fair and equitable financial support for the custodial parent to aid in raising the children.

Why You Should Seek Child Support

Raising children isn’t easy and having the right financial support ensures that your child’s needs are met so that you can focus on parenting. Children have the right to financial support from their parents until the age of 19 years and 6 months.

Depending on how old your children are at the time of the divorce, this can add up to thousands of dollars. Without child support, the financial burden lies solely on the custodial parent. Even if you have a verbal agreement with your child’s other parent, this does not guarantee that you will receive child support payments regularly.

A legal Child Support Agreement ensures that the custodial parent has a regular source of revenue to pay for essentials for their child and alleviate some of the financial burden of raising children.

Understanding the Factors that Impact Child Support in Michigan

Often, parents may choose to come to a child support agreement outside of family court. However, as the presiding judge makes the final decision regarding a child support order and agreement, they may not approve the agreement if it is deemed unfair or inappropriate for either party.

Family court in Michigan has a complex formula for calculating fair child support payments for the custodial parent. However, in some cases the formula may not be used depending on the specific details of the case. Child support lawyers from Michigan Premier Law have many years of experience serving clients in complicated child support cases to help them achieve the best results.

Michigan divorce and child custody law is complicated. To get the best agreement possible for you and your children, you need a family law attorney to navigate the legal issues and factors that can impact the agreement including:

Get the Best Child Support Agreement for Your Family

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We have extensive experience representing clients in various child support matters including modifying current child support arrangements and enforcing a child support order.

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