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When it comes to divorce and family law, you want a divorce attorney who will represent clients at every stage of the proceedings. If you are located in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, and need any legal advice on your divorce proceedings then we are the leading local expert on family law matters.

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It’s important to know the basic facts about divorce laws in Michigan. Michigan is what’s known as a ‘no-fault state’ which means that you do not need to prove fault to file for divorce, but just have to believe the marriage is over. Though no fault is needed for the divorce itself, the court will look at fault when it comes to matters such as child custody, alimony, and property division.

To file for divorce in Michigan, you have to have been resident in the state for 180 days. And to file locally, you need to have been resident in Oakland County for 10 days. Your divorce will take a minimum of 60 days to be finalized, though this period increases to 6 months when children are involved.

Michigan presumes that the interests of a child are best served by access to both parents. However, where elements such as spousal or familial abuse exist, this will likely affect any decision on child custody and parental access.

When a judge is calculating any child support order, they will look at several factors, including each parent’s income and ability to reach financial independence. A child will only be supported until the age of 18, or 19½ if they are still in high school.

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