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The best way to avoid complications in any divorce is to hire a local divorce attorney who provides all the legal services you need. While some divorces can be fairly amicable, the legal issues that can arise can sometimes threaten those initially friendly discussions.

Lawyers in America have different approaches to divorce according to how the laws of each state treat this area of law. A Michigan divorce has its own particular characteristics which can help the process in most cases.

No-Fault State

The first thing to know is that a divorce in Michigan does not require either party to prove any fault on the part of the other party. The simple fact that the marriage has broken down is acceptable grounds for divorce.


If you want a quick resolution to your divorce, the minimum time for a divorce to be granted in Michigan is 60 days. Or, when children are involved, that time rises to six months. Please note, however, these are minimum times and are no guarantee.

Where Do You Live?

To file for divorce in Michigan, you must have lived in the state for 180 days prior to filing. And you must have lived in a particular county for 10 days to file there.

When Does Fault Count?

Although no fault is needed for the divorce process itself, the court may include fault (such as any form of abuse) in its considerations when deciding on elements of divorce such as alimony or child custody.

What About My Children?

If there are no negative factors involved, a judge will normally look at both parents having custody or at least high levels of access. When it comes to any child support orders, the court will look at the incomes of both parents and other related aspects when making a decision.

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