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If you live anywhere in the Detroit metropolitan area and are going through a divorce, then you want a divorce attorney who can give you advice on pertinent legal issues and competently represent you in court. A good family law attorney should have years of experience and in-depth knowledge of all family law matters.

When it comes to divorce and family law, you want to be sure that all your rights are protected and that you access all legal services needed. But what are the main questions clients initially ask?

I have heard people say Michigan is a no-fault divorce state. What does that mean?

It means that you do not need a specific reason to file for divorce beyond believing that the marriage is over. However, while no fault is needed for the divorce itself, faults may be used to help the judge make decisions regarding things like child custody or parenting time.

Do I need to live in Michigan to file for divorce there?

Yes, you have to have been resident in Michigan for 180 days before filing. To file in a particular county, you must have lived there for 10 days before filing.

What will influence the court’s decision when it comes to child custody?

In Michigan, the courts normally presume that it is best for the child to be involved with both parents. But if there were any ‘faults’ (such as domestic violence or an addiction issue), then the court may consider those factors when making a decision.

How much child support will I get?

Decisions on child support are based on the court examining the incomes of both parents. They will also look at other factors such as if one parent needs retraining or education to access employment opportunities.

Will my child always get financial support?

No. They are entitled to support until the age of 18 – or 19½ if they are still attending high school. However, the courts recognize that circumstances can change and either parent can ask for a review of the initial order.

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