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Dealing with divorce can be stressful enough without worrying about the legal aspects. If you are going through a Michigan divorce, you want the process to be as smooth as it can be, and you want a divorce attorney on your side who has experience and who will fight for the best outcome for you and any children involved.

There are several common questions clients ask of all lawyers in America when wanting to know more about family law issues.

Do I Have to Prove Any Fault – Such as Infidelity – to File for Divorce?

No, Michigan is a ‘no-fault’ state. This means that you do not need a specific reason to file for divorce beyond a belief that the marriage is over. But it is worth remembering that a judge may take any faults into account when making certain decisions about the case.

Are There Any Residency Requirements?

Yes, to file for divorce in Michigan, you have to have lived there for 180 days prior to the actual filing. And to file in a particular country, you must have been resident there for 10 days before filing.

How Will the Judge Make Decisions About Child Custody?

The general rule in Michigan is that the courts presume that it is best for the child to be involved with both parents. However, if there was any form of domestic abuse or other problems, this may affect the court’s decision on custody, alimony, and parenting time.

Am I Guaranteed to Receive Child Support?

Any decision on child support is based on the court looking at the incomes of both parents as well as other factors such as how long it may take for one parent to achieve financial independence.

How Long Will a Child Support Order Last?

The standard rule is that a child should be supported until the age of 18 – or 19½ if still in high school. But the courts recognize that circumstances change and either parent can request reviews of the initial order.

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