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If you are involved in a divorce in Troy, Michigan, you want a divorce attorney who has comprehensive knowledge of family law matters, someone with years of experience serving clients in the Detroit area. We aim to make a difficult process easier by handling all the legal services aspects of your divorce.

One thing we find is that there are certain questions many people ask about Michigan divorce laws, so we have gathered some information here for you:

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When it comes to dealing with any area of family law including divorce, you want to make sure that the family law attorney you hire has the experience and knowledge to represent you competently. Our law offices in Troy specializes in all practice areas of divorce from child custody to property division. Whatever legal issues arise in your case, our knowledge of divorce and family law makes us the super lawyers you need.

To get an idea of the details of your case, we offer a free consultation here at our office in Troy. We cover several areas of the law other than divorce, including criminal defense and personal injury. Why not call us today at  248-688-0045 to book that free appointment.

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