Divorce Lawyers in Warren

Divorce can be one of the most stressful events many of use will experience. The emotional toll can be bad enough but the added anxiety of dealing with all the legal issues associated with family law matters can just add to that burden.

To help reduce that burden, finding an experienced divorce attorney to help you with the divorce process can be a crucial decision. When we first meet clients, our law firm finds that there are several common questions nearly all clients ask.

A Michigan Divorce? Make the Right Choice

When it comes to divorce and family law, you want to choose a family law attorney with experience and dedication. Our law office covers several practice areas including personal injury and estate planning. But most of our legal services focuses on helping clients through any divorce proceeding. For anyone in Macomb County facing the divorce process, we can advise on every part of your case, including parenting time or the law around separate property.

Our team represents clients in court, at mediation, and in any other setting where needed. Why not visit our office for a free consultation. It’s easy to book one: just call 248-688-0045 and say you want to talk about family law.

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