Estate Planning in Warren

Estate planning in Warren is about knowing your rights and the continual management of your wealth and assets upon death, in case of incapacity or personal injury, and throughout your lifetime. It’s an essential step in family law and elder care, and estate planning lawyers can aid you as you strive to look after your family, your personal health care, and your hard-earned assets.

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Our law firm has been providing top-tier legal services for years. We’re ready to help you tackle your estate planning in Warren, Michigan.

We bring a nuanced approach to estate planning and family law. We’re here to help you navigate through the details of probate and real estate law, social security, elder law, estate taxes, and estate planning services. Our years of experience means that there’s a wide variety of ways in which we can help make your journey easier. That means you can enjoy more time with family and less time stressing while we do the heavy lifting for you.

Practice Areas

The most basic practice areas when it comes to estate planning law include Trust-Based Planning, Will-Based Planning, Powers of Attorney, and Joint Property and Beneficiary Designations. Whether you want to make sure that your stakes in small businesses are fairly distributed between your children or you want your will to be carried out in a specific way, we’re skilled in representing clients and making sure your desires are carried out.

If you choose to do nothing you will lose the right to have any say in what happens to your assets, your minor children or yourself if you become incapcitated. Your wishes will not be considered and a probate judge will make the decision.

We want to help you minimize estate planning probate, death probate, and lifetime probate. We want to protect your assets from long-term costs and taxation so your children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren can benefit from your lifetime of hard work.

Estate Planning in Warren

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