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Planning your estate is more than simply making a Will, especially if you own a business or have complicated familial relationships. If you need to set up a Trust, or if you want a living Will, these are estate planning services Michigan Premier Law, P.C. can help you establish.

Whether you are a young entrepreneur or simply want to make your wishes known for your children and grandchildren, it’s never too early or too late to plan your estate. The best options for your planning depends on many factors, and you need an experienced estate planning lawyer to help you navigate the many complexities of legal documents.

It’s Not Just About Your Will

Estate planning goes far beyond money and property. Powers of attorney, health care directives, and estate taxes are all factors to plan for to protect your assets, your wishes, and your family. Because these documents are all connected, they should be compiled and reviewed by the same legal team.

Estate planning lawyers at Michigan Premier Law, P.C. can help you establish a medical power of attorney to impart directives concerning treatment to your doctors and caregivers if you’re unable to communicate. Your medical power of attorney does not have to be the same individual as your financial power of attorney.

If you forego planning your estate, you may be rolling the dice for where your assets will go. Assets can quickly get tied up in probate court, and heirs’ creditors can take possession of any inherited money or property. Additionally, estate taxes can take a large chunk away from what you want to leave to your family.

Michigan Laws

Michigan laws make trying to set up a Will or Trust on your own difficult without the expertise of an experienced lawyer. The last thing you want is for ambiguities in your Will to result in your wishes being ignored or debated in probate court.

Even if you have an existing Will in another state, you must have it updated to reflect Michigan laws. With careful guidance from our team at Michigan Premier Law, P.C., we can help you draft or update your Will so that you can rest assured your assets are handled according to your directives.

We Can Help

At Michigan Premier Law, P.C., we have created a comfortable atmosphere for you to talk about personal matters. Our firm also keeps abreast of all the latest additions and changes to current laws and regulations and will recommend changes to protect your estate.

Our team can help you give your family what they need most – security.

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