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It is something that many people dread talking about – estate planning. However, talking about estate planning is crucial to ensure your family’s security when you are no longer around. You want to adequately provide for your family in the event of your death, so you need to choose the best provider of legal services.

What is Estate Planning?

An excellent estate planning attorney ushers your family through a difficult time. In the event of mental debilitation or death, your attorney can execute a series of necessary actions. It’s not only about the last will and testament. An estate planning attorney also creates living wills, can help you avoid or lessen estate taxes, and ensures that your assets are secure after you’ve passed them on.

The estate planners in our Clinton Charter Township law firm will explain the powers of attorney. A medical power of attorney, in the event of accident or incapacitation, will relay your wishes to your doctor if you’re severely disabled. In certain circumstances, you want someone else to mind your estate; lawyers well-versed in estate planning can introduce you to conservatorship and guardianship.

Choose the best estate planning lawyers in Clinton Charter Township with Michigan Premier Law, P.C. An attorney that knows his or her way around estate and elder law can make all the difference in your family’s future.

Power of Attorney

When you assign power of attorney to someone, you are asking them to make tough decisions for you. It is vital that you fully understand what each type of power of attorney allows within its scope.

By bestowing medical power of attorney, you appoint a loved one to make health care judgements for you. Medical power of attorney is also called Patient Advocate Designation or PAD and is Michigan’s version of an advanced medical directive.

Financial power of attorney (also called “durable power of attorney”) does a similar thing, but with your material assets. This type of power of attorney will give someone the ability to make decisions for you but does not specify how those decisions should be carried out, as does a living trust.

These seemingly small details make a significant impact on your family’s future. You must turn to an expert, like those at Michigan Premier Law, P.C.

We Will Help You Plan Your Estate’s Future

Our law firm can help you secure your assets. Your loved ones will appreciate the security of your estate. With our guidance, you will be assured of your loved ones’ comfort during a difficult time.

The estate planning attorneys at Michigan Premier Law, P.C. dedicate their time to creating an atmosphere that is personal enough for you to share details, estate planning, and know the most recent changes to injury, family, real estate, and elder law.

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