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Planning your estate can feel like an overwhelming process, filled with legal hassle, headache, and bureaucracy. As you manage your wealth and assets, you want to make sure you also have the chance to spend quality time with your loved ones. That’s why it’s important to get the help of Michigan Premier Law, P.C.

With practice areas in estate planning and probate, family practice law, and powers of attorney, our law firm is perfectly poised to help you feel confident and secure in your legal and financial choices. With decades of combined legal experience, we can help Oakland County, Michigan residents with their estate planning.

Nicole Leigh Sopher: Real Estate Law and Planning Your Estate Administration

Nicole’s expertise in Michigan law is based on two decades of legal experience and devoted study. Her extensive background in Family Law means that she can bring a nuanced understanding to issues of joint property and beneficiary designations, providing for minor, immature, or special needs beneficiaries. She can help you select an executor of estate and streamline your entire estate planning process.

George Drosis: Serving Clients Through Powerful Legal Representation

Attorney at Law George Drosis can help you understand the broader issues of Will-Based Planning, Powers of Attorney and Trust-Based Planning, avoiding lifetime, death, and estate probate. George also brings a strong background in Family Law to the table. He has years of experience in dealing with the intersections of business law and family legal issues.

George and Nicole can help you avoid long-term asset care costs and minimize the taxation of your assets.

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Estate planning is so much more than simply making a Will. If you have businesses or complicated family relationships, you need to make sure your assets are secure and will pass into the proper hands. These legal steps require expertise and experience, especially with Michigan’s complex intestacy laws.

Michigan Premier Law, P.C. is uniquely suited to help you plan your estate. Knowing that your assets will be handled with care and precision can give you profound peace of mind.

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