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You want to provide for your family in the event of death or injury, and one way to ensure expert provisional care of your family, even when you’re gone, is to choose the most experienced estate planning attorneys in Sterling Heights.

Planning Your Estate

It is not only about your Will. An expert estate planner can talk to you about issues of retirement accounts, living wills, powers of attorney, and life insurance pay-outs. They help you manage your financial accounts, especially for married couples or if you have minor children. You’ve discussed your long-term care with your health care providers; you should also discuss long-term options for your finances.

Sometimes you need a personal representative to oversee your estate, and our expert estate planning attorneys will disentangle the issues of conservatorship and guardianship for you.

Living Trusts versus Powers of Attorney

During your consultation at our firm in Sterling Heights, you may hear about living trusts and powers of attorney. The distinctions between these are essential to understand. A living trust designates an individual who will be in charge of your financial assets if you are no longer around or are disabled.

There are two different types of powers of attorney: medical and financial. Medical power of attorney selects a person to make decisions concerning your health for you. Bestowing financial power of attorney names the individual you want to make economic determinations for you. In many circumstances, there is only one person who holds both powers of attorney.

Keep in mind that the attorneys at Michigan Premier Law, P.C. do not make these life-altering decisions for you, we merely facilitate your chosen course of action by preparing your estate planning documents to help your family avoid probate and limit estate taxes.

Every family has its dynamic, and you should understand your choices before you make life-changing decisions that will affect your family after you’re gone, including your beneficiary designations.

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