Finding a Financial Solution that is Beneficial for You & Your Children

Many parents who are separating or going through a divorce will normally have child support arrangements. When the judge makes a decision regarding child support, your life can alter your life, your finances, and the well-being of your children. Enlisting the help of a focused and determined Troy family law attorney can provide you with the legal insight that you need to obtain a reasonable child support arrangement. At Michigan Premier Law, P.C., we can help you with a variety of legal strategies that is concentrated on helping you.

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Typical Child Support Issues in Michigan

It is normal for those in child support cases to review factors, such as:

  • Which parent provides health insurance
  • How much each parent makes
  • If the parent is responsible for children from other relationships
  • The age of each child
  • If the parent is living with a new partner or spouse
  • How much alimony is already being paid
  • The costs of healthcare and educational needs

Modifications to Child Support Arrangements

If you have experienced a change in your financial situation, you can pursue a modification of the divorce order. The changes can be due to a change in employment, residence, or health. Our lawyers at Michigan Premier Law, P.C. can provide you with effective representation to get the modification you need.

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